To get rid of Avast Secure Browser, follow these kinds of simple recommendations. First, wide open the Control Panel and look for applications named Avast Secure Web browser. Then, right-click the Start press button and select Programs and Features. Opt for the Avast Protect Internet Explorer admittance. In the list, click on the Uninstall press button. Afterward, click Yes to verify the uninstalling process. You’re going to be prompted to reboot the PC.

After you may have selected the Avast Safeguarded Browser plan, open the Windows Commence menu and choose Programs and Features. In the Software & Features window, select Avast Safeguarded Browser and click the „Uninstall“ key. A successful getting rid of them will erase your browsing data and information, which includes bookmarks and history. If you want to reinstall Avast Secure Web Browser, you can try the above procedure for get rid of Avast Secure.

Next, open the Control Panel and click on Apps & Features. In the Programs & Features, select Avast Safeguarded Browser. Help to make sure you tick this that reads „Delete browsing data“ when uninstalling this software. This will delete all the info it stored on your PC, including history and saved material. Once you’ve lost the Avast Secure Web browser files, you’ll want to reboot your PC.

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